GETTING EXCITED !!! few more days to go, in Canberra setting up installation of continuation of Germane exhibit at the Park Hyatt Canberra opening night celebrations friday 28th 2018from 6.30-8.30 pm then ongoing until january 28th 2019

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September 28th 2018-Jaunary 28th 2019 

CLAREFOTOGRAFIE is proud to announce exhibition of Clare McShanag ‘GERMANE Opens on the 28th of September 2018 at Hyatt Hotel Canberra and will run through until the 28th of January 2019. Opening night celebrations are from 6.30 – 8.30pm on the Friday 28TH September 2018, RSVP to Clare: 

“GERMANE” is on the material and natural elements of life that are enlightened in the story of universal creation/genesis, the beauty in creation and destruction. I like to traverse the boundaries of what is considered reality.

My body of work Germane represents finding the meaning of ones self in different contexts and stages of life that we arrive at and translate through our spiritual and material experiences. We form our identity through the inner and outer struggles we experience in the process of everyday life, striving to find peace within through self-realization.

Clare McShanag’s solo show ‘Germane’ is visual explosion of matter and meaning, relevant to the subject under consideration – to life, to our humanity. I seek my inspiration from life and movement, capturing the dynamic moments and the colour of life. Both dark and beautiful, these photographs expose a mixture of the surreal and abstract. Photographs that are distorted yet discernible, visibly soft, yet impact the viewer with their sharper edge.

McShanag’s photographic works ignite a fuel and awaken an experience for the eyes of the beholder. “Art reflecting inner life”


                                                  Hyatt Hotel Canberra – A Park Hyatt Hotel

                                      120 Commonwealth Ave, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia


                                                                             + 61 2 6269 8560


selected#by# The OtherArtFair & Saatchi Art


“FUSION” by Clare Mcshanag solo exhibit Opening night @ Antique Decorative Art Gallery….94 William street Paddington.

What amazing night! filled with Art collectors, Art critics and friends. Modern abstract Art with Beautiful Antiques , I find it complements my Art work and also its surroundings in such a diverse setting.

 22nd March-9 April 2018

Antique Decorative Art Gallery is proud to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Clare McShanag ‘FUSION’. The exhibition opens on the 22nd of March 2018 and will run through until the 19th of April 2018. Opening night celebrations are from 6 – 9pm on the 22nd of March, rsvp to 

Fusion” is the process of combining two or more distinct entities, elements into a whole.  Image to create a vision explosion from natural materials formed together to translate as an abstract photograph. “A germane visual explosion – relevant to life or to subject under consideration, to our human-ness. My work is very personal; I would have you look closer into the image to the fine detail that unfolds upon each viewing. ” – 

Clare McShanag’s solo show ‘Fusion’ seeks inspiration from life and movement, capturing the dynamic moments and the colour of life. Both dark and beautiful, these photographs expose a mixture of the surreal and abstract. Photographs that are distorted yet discernible, visibly soft, yet impact the viewer with their sharper edge. McShanag’s photographic works ignite a fuel and awaken an experience for the eyes of the beholder.


 NOW selling Clare fotografie Art work “FUSION” @ Antique Decorative Art Gallery ..94 William street Paddington NSW

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30pm, & Sunday 11am-4pm  ANTIQUEDECORATIVE.COM (02) 89 649 111

Black eye gallery

Exhibiting/selling in Group show until 26th February, Unfortunately Black eye gallery is closing down one most prestigious photography galleries in Sydney, to go on line.
I am Honoured to have shared an experience not only having solo exhibit but also be a part of Bday Group exhibition.
Thank-you Tom Evangelidis for being truly sincere in what you believe in Art/Photography
3/138 Darlinghurst Rd,
Darlinghurst 2010
02 8084 7541

VISION (From Germane Serious)

“A germane visual explosion – relevant to life or to subject under consideration, to our human-ness. My work is very personal;
I would have you look closer into the image to the fine detail that unfolds upon each viewing. ” – Clare McShanag


27992856_10156226010559187_6201448960790459652_o27993506_10156226009849187_7728536403297266257_o-1February 16, 2018 at 08:14PMVision 2 MAKERY

CLARE FOTOGRAFIE Is now selling my Art work for a special time this week NOW!!! @ the MAKERY art & life 106 oxford street Darlinghurst. Please come check it out! for one week only, showcasing in the front window, you never know, you might like to buy a piece of my Art work

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What an Amazing event it was @ the Book launch 6th edition of intellectual property in Australia @ international Towers Barabarangaroo My FRONT COVER “CAPTURE”Art work was show cased on front cover.

My image “CAPTURE ” was found through the Blk Eye Gallery on line, where i was approached by  NEXIS LEXIS   to be the Artist on the front cover of Intellectual Property in Australia 6th Edition Hard copy published through out Australia. It’s a great honour to be a part Book launch and publication of Intellectual Property for 2017


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CLARE FOTOGRAFIE @ The Other Art Fair Sydney, what a wonderful & huge success it was!


Happy to Announce that to be apart of THE Other Art Fair, Over 1000 applications I was Chosen by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and Director Art Advisory at Saatchi Art; Rhianna Walcott, Artereal Gallery, Ramesh Nithiyendran, artist, Michelle Newton, Deputy Director at Art Space and Annette Larkin, Fine Art.
HistoryFrom Artbeat to The Other Art Fair 20th edition returns to Victoria House, Holborn2015 launched in Australia, 2016 partnered with Saatchi Art, 2017 launching in America
Recommendations – Time Out, Financial Times, Guardian
Objectives for 2017 – Getting closer to art
An art fair for a new generation of art buyers – 58% of visitors have not attended another art fair
Recognised as the definitive event to buy directly from the artist – launching in three new cities
33,000+ UK visitors, 70,000+ visitors world wide.
London Victoria House 30 March – 3 April
Melbourne The Facility 4 – 7 May
New York Brooklyn Expo Center 1– 4 June
Bristol Arnolfini 1 – 3 September
London Old Truman Brewery 5 – 8 October
Sydney ATP 26 – 29 th October
New York Brooklyn Expo Center 9 – 12 th November

SYdney Other Art Fair 2017 -Clare Fotografie/Clare Mcshanag

Thursday 26 th October 17.00 – 18.00
VIP Private View/ 18.00 – 21.30 Opening Night Party
Friday 28 th October
12.00 – 21.00 Public View
Saturday 16th October 11.00 – 19.00 Public View
Saturday 16th October 19.00 – 20.00 Informal Artist Drinks (venue TBC)
Sunday 29 th October 11.00 – 18.00 Public View

Guardian Virtual Reality: First Impressions Artist Studio
Ovolo – pop up with artist Tarli Bird AFRTS – Projections
Art Tours Site Specific installation – Mitch Thomas
Reflection wall DJs / Live performances
Workshops Saatchi Art Lounge presented by Samsung – The Frame
Kids Create TOAF Lecture Series with National Art School



SYDNEY FRINGE FESTIVAL 1-30 September 2017 

Wow!!sooo Excited to be a part of SYDNEY FRINGE FESTIVAL just let everyone know, up-date i will be exhibiting in the Sydney 2017 Fringe festival! in the hub space in Alexandria !! Over 50 locations around Sydney and 300 Artists showing in creative medium, over 60,000 people expected just in the Hub where i will be displaying my Art Work CLARE MCSHANAG EXHIBIT!!
Please pick up a 2017 Fringe Festival Guide located in most outletS throughout Sydney for free!! Here additional info on exhibit please see attachments:-


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Start: 6:00 pm – 10pm  Sydney Fringe 
4th-17th September 2017 
please check out the guide online :
LOCATION : HPG Festival Hub The Exhibition Space, 225 Euston Rd Alexandria 


Kunstaus Reitbahn Ansbach/Berliner Dom Berlin/

BachHaus Eisenach  Exhibiting NOW!!  April 29th-28th of February 2017-2018

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David Ferstl added 15 new photos to the album: //EXCHANGE – BACHLUTHER — at

Kunsthaus Ansbach.Like Page

July 28 at 9:48am · Gestern eröffnete die Ausstellung “EXCHANGE BACHLUTHER” im Kunsthaus Reitbahn 3 auf der Reitbahn in Ansbach

Bis einschließlich 06. August können acht multimedia

See More Yesterday the exhibition “Exchange Bach Luther” opened at the kunsthaus riding 3 on the riding in Ansbach

Up to and including 06. August, eight multimedia objects can be seen in which students from the university of ansbach were involved.

More information about the exhibition:

At the 500. Th Reformation, the audiovisual art project exchange – Bach Luther was developed by a German-Australian artist. Six Multimedia objects to Martin Luther’s catechism have already been shown in the Berlin Cathedral and in the bach eisenach.

To the bachwoche ansbach (28. July to 6. August), in the kunsthaus riding ansbach, the six objects are now in combination with two other interactive installations, one on the campus of the university of Ansbach (Foyer 50 building) Is presented.

In, the university of technology () and the university of technology Sydney (UTS) took part in the work of the university of ansbach and the university of technology (UTS). With a great deal of effort, students of the master programme have worked on multimedia information and communication as well as the bachelor’s programme of multimedia and communication in the objects that can now be shown to a wide public in ansbach.

Text Source:

Youtube (4 K):

Until 6. August, the light and music project “exchange – Bach Luther” is running at the kunsthaus riding in ansbach. Since I was also involved, I would like to contribute a few cinematic impressions from the opening and look forward to seeing a visit to the exhibition.

Muk and mik students at the university of ansbach have composed seven of the nine soundtracks for the objects. The entire project will go back to eisenach next week and will continue to be issued until 28. February 2018

The music was composed by Perplex On.

Since the movie “on the run” has been created, not all objects are included. Lux _ Chorale is also not seen at the kunsthaus riding in ansbach.

Among other artists involved:
Chris Bowman, Cornelius Pöpel, Eva Käsbauer, Marcus Holzmayr, Joana Russo, Jan Krsl, Jamie Lay, Hannes Böck, Michael Day, tranSTURM, Clare Mcshanag, Rachel Walls Photography

Programming: Michael Kirschner 😉

Thank you to:
Hochschule Ansbach, Bachhaus eisenach, studio kybra, Uts: University of Technology Sydney, Freistaat Thüringen, Andreas Uhl, Robert Krämer, Simon Spilner

Tags: #Hochschule Ansbach #Bach Eisenach #Luther year #martinluther #exchange bachl uther #muk#mik

Clare McShanag (Tuesday) BELIEF (the Creed)

Mail Attachment

I wanted to make my piece personal – about renunciation and voluntary surrender as a sacrifice – a window to my soul. As I was growing up I responded to many of Luther’s ideas of how the church formed the verses of the creed and prayers, which relates to my work. I have created images of The Cathedral (A place of prayer, worship and sacrifice), Jesus Christ (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) and Earth (The Creation of sun, earth, water and life). Joining these images with sound as one piece creates a beautiful spiritual abstract vision of my understanding of Luther and Bach’s relationship of words, music and faith – taking me on a heavenly journey.

Music is by Joanna Russo

“Creed” – Project concept: I made a soundtrack, inspired by Bach and the miracle of life. The music has to be symbol of personal survival and a personal interpretation of the Lord’s believer. The context of the music is Jesus’ pleading words of prayer to God shortly before he was betrayed and arrested. There is no place for depression, while acutely aware of the fleeting minutes of freedom on earth. It seems like the music is playing through the body, a mystic line through the soul. The depth of the music describes brilliantly the depth of the pictures of Clare’s box. I also used an echo sound of the voices and of the natural sounds, included in the mirroring image. I am representing the lost soul using the sounds of the wind and the sounds of converged waves above. And when they reside, everything changes to something quite peaceful and relaxing.


1.Berlin (Berliner Dom) 1st exhibiting NOW!! From 9th of March to 22nd of April 2017

2. Bach Haus Museum in Eisenach Germany 2nd Exhibiting from 29th April 2017 to 28th of February 2018

3. Kunsthaus Reitbahn, Ansbach Germany the 3rd Exhibit from 26th of July to the 6th of August 2017

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The 500th Anniversary of the start of the Reformation will be a major event in Germany in 2017, with big celebrations in Wittenburg, Berlin and Eisenach.

Ingo Bracke (Light Artist, Berlin and Detmold), Cornelius People (Professor of Sound Design in Ansbach) and Mike Day (UTS) have been invited by Joerg Hansen (Director BachHaus Museum, Eisenach) to mount an exhibition in the crypt of the Berliner Dom Cathedral in Berlin to open on 9 March 2017. It will move to the BachHaus Museum in Eisenach from the 29th of April opening and stay there until 4th of November, apart from a brief period in mid July when it will be displayed in Ansbach for a week. Based on similar past exhibitions attendances in Berlin should exceed 50,000 and Eisenach expects over 100,000 viewers. The heart of the exhibition will be an array of 6 small totems/display boxes, Inside each totem will be placed another container made by an invited artist.

The content will be an object/image/display/effect which mat be viewed through appropriately sized aperture(s)/eye-pieces.

The content will illustrate/illuminate/interrogate one of the 6 parts of Luther’s Catechism: 1 (Monday’s lesson) LAW (10 Commandments); 2 (Tuesday) BELIEF (the Creed); 3 (Wednesday) PRAYER (Our Father…); 4 BAPTISM (incl the holy trinity); 5 CONFESSION; 6 COMMUNION.

(Tuesday) BELIEF (the Creed)

My work consists of 3x transparency images that I photographed individually

1.Cathedral: – A place of Prayer

2.Jesus Christ: – The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

2.Earth: – Sun, Water, Life on earth

These are joined as one to form an abstract image that still reveals all theses images in some way, while combining together to illuminate the theme – BELIEF.

Constructed in a box (the totem) where you would look through a viewfinder (Hole) I have created a three dimensional prism of mirrors within and around the image within the Totem, so that the portrayed image is magnified and multiplied.

A light source from the back of the box illuminates the transparency’s image, enhancing the kaleidoscopic mirror prism effect and the highlighting the divine nature of the Creed.

The content may also include visual references to the hymns that Bach wrote to Luther’s words to the 6 parts of the catechism. Recordings have already been made of these and will be used as the starting point for soundscapes to be included in each box, listened to through headsets.

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exhibiting NOW!!  in side Berliner Dom


Wow! time to hang….finally the “GERMANE” Exhibition is here..Tuesday 26th july until 7th August.. Colors are vibrant and POP!!!!! thanks to Selena @ Sunstudios. To Blackeye gallery that has so much diversity on the wall space, it creates a great mood for my Art work to be explored in. Thank -you to Tom for your originial gallery space.Happy times 🙂

GERMANE the night of the opening, and what a night that was! The gallery was buzzing with many other artists, photographers, art lovers and generated a lot of interest in sales of my works. The exhibition has benefited me in so many ways and has been a grace-filled, fulfilling experience and also generated  new opportunities to display my work. What I  strive for most in my life is to create and be able to share my spiritual light for all to see and feel and engage with.

Introduction to Germane