Artist Statement

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I make my Art to channel my inner and outer awareness as an expression of creation and colour spilling out into image. My vision is to convert my passion into a medium that ignites a very fuelling and awakening experience for the eyes of the beholder. My inspiration is life and movement: -­to be able to capture life as dynamic moments a picture conveying a vigorous story, with all its undertones, highlights and shadows. “I feel I have a true blessing to see through my eyes”. The representation of my work is art reflecting life; capturing the true character and colour of life. A germane visual explosion relevant to life, to our human-ness. My work is very personal; I would have you look closer into the image to the fine detail that unfolds upon each viewing. Dark and beautiful at the same time a mixture of surreal and the abstract. Photographs that are distorted yet still discernable. Visible, soft, natural, yet a sharp edge. Intermittent encounter between the viewer and myself. I want us to be on a rollercoaster together. Beginning the visual process is to document a moment, research my point of subject. This will then take me into how I can expand the story with 3 to 4 different angles into a photograph. Abstraction becomes apparent, my ability as a technician with a camera shines I feel at my rawest state. So my artwork is of its purist form. I want to enable an interactive experience with a conscious intent to attract deeper thoughts, exposing mixed memories and imagination from a visual pleasure.

“The Eye of a Camera is like a window to my soul”